Candid Convo TIPS

Paladin Awards 2019

The theme of the 2019 Paladin Awards Ceremony is “Candid Conversations.” Judith Harrison, PRSA Foundation’s past president, explains that the intent of the theme is to initiate honest, reflective, and impactful dialogue that “lays critical groundwork for faster, measurable progress on recruitment results and increasing overall engagement in diversity, equity and inclusion.” We wanted a theme that anyone, anywhere, can participate in – whether they were attending the event in person or contributing to the conversation from their phone.

We asked the participants of this year’s event three questions: How do we drive more action for D&I programs, now that it’s been established as a business imperative across industries? Are there any statistics or other third-party quotes that really resonate with you on the value of D&I? What’s your #1 tip for having a candid conversation in the office about D&I-related issues? These are their answers.

What’s your tip for a having a candid conversation within your company? Share these cards or contribute your tips by using the hashtag #CandidConvos and #PaladinAwards, and tag @PRSAFoundation on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to join the initiative.