Profiles in Leadership DIVERSE VOICES

Archived Broadcast | Streamed Live Friday, November 9, 2018, at 2pm EST

Topics for discussion includes:

  • The personal stories of these leaders in the communications industry
  • Key steps in their careers
  • Lessons learned
  • Advice for people who bring diversity to communications firms
  • How to avoid and handle micro aggressions
  • Advice for people who run organizations and want to make them more diverse
  • The importance of the Diverse Voices: Profiles in Leadership project

Watch the archived November 9 broadcast featuring three of the leaders profiled in the book Diverse Voices: Profiles in Leadership :

Andrew McCaskill
Senior Vice President
Global Communications & Multicultural Marketing

Judith Harrison
Senior VP
Diversity & Inclusion
Weber Shandwick

Helen C Shelton
Senior Partner
Finn Partners