Axia Public Relations Scholarship

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Axia Public Relations established the Axia Public Relations Scholarship to assist outstanding college students with financial needs in their pursuit of a public relations career.

The PRSA Foundation awards Axia's scholarship to students who:
1. Demonstrate financial need.
2. Demonstrate experience and passion for public relations.
3. Demonstrate a dedication to professional ethics and excellence.

The PRSA Foundation will make payment directly to the winner’s university for use on their behalf; payment can only be used to directly fund the winner’s educational pursuits.

PR Scholarship Requirements:
1. Candidates must be juniors or seniors in good academic standing at accredited colleges or universities.
2. Candidates must have financial need.
3. Candidates must have some public relations experience through volunteering, internships, or employment.
4. Candidates must be studying public relations or an equivalent major.
5. Candidates should be seeking a public relations career.
6. Candidates pursuing journalism, hospitality, event management, advertising, design, human resources, politics, government affairs and lobbying careers should not apply for this scholarship.
7. Applicants should carefully review their submissions for typos, spelling and grammar.

Application Components:
1. Cover Letter/Intro Video
Within 600 words and/or within a two-minute video in English, please share why you are the most deserving scholarship candidate. Include:
*Statement of financial need (required).
Optional: Based on your FAFSA application, what is your cost of attendance (COA) and current estimated financial assistance (EFA)? Are you eligible for a Pell Grant?
*How many months of PR internships, volunteer and employment experience you’ve had.
*Your ideal career path narrative, including what you would like to do after graduation.

2. Provide a link to your LinkedIn profile
*Highlight professional, scholastic and volunteer PR accomplishments.
*You may include your overall GPA and your GPA for courses within your major (Optional).

3. Work Samples
*Provide up to three public relations work samples that demonstrate your best PR work.

Application Deadline: April 30, 2024