PRSSA National Gold Key Award

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The National Gold Key Award, created in 1983, is the highest individual honor bestowed upon PRSSA members. It recognizes outstanding academic excellence in public relations and leadership in PRSSA. All applicants who meet the criteria receive a Gold Key and are recognized at the PRSSA National Conference. All Gold Key recipients are encouraged to attend.

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a member of PRSSA for at least two years.
  • Be at a senior or graduate student. Seniors may apply up to one year after graduation.
  • Have a GPA of at least 3.4 in his or her major.
  • Hold a PRSSA Chapter or National leadership position.
  • Completed at least one internship, confirmed by a Faculty or Professional Adviser.
  • Affirm your intention to become a PRSA Associate Member within one year of graduation.

Submit a completed application form and a copy of your undergraduate transcript and, if applicable, your graduate transcript. Make sure all materials are error free and thoroughly proofread. All application materials must be submitted through the PRSSA portal by April 30, 2024. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.