PRSSA Star Chapter Award

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Become a Star Chapter by detailing your Chapter’s work to achieve at least 8 of the 11 contributions to the Society listed below. Be as thorough and detailed as possible. No single contribution is necessary. As long as your Chapter completes 8 of the 11 components, you will be eligible for the Star Chapter Award.

  1. Explain how your Chapter conducted a High School Outreach session.
  2. Cite one example of how you strengthened your relationship with your sponsoring PRSA Chapter.
  3. Cite one example of how you gave attention to ethics in at least one Chapter meeting.
  4. Confirm application of at least one (1) Chapter member for an individual PRSSA award. Provide student name, award name and when student applied.
  5. Confirm application of Chapter for at least one (1) national PRSSA Chapter award. Provide award name and when Chapter applied.
  6. Describe the community service project your Chapter initiated and completed.
  7. Confirm attendance of at least one (1) Chapter member at the PRSSA 2023 International Conference, the 2024 Leadership Assembly or one of the 2024 District Conferences. Provide student name and event.
  8. Cite an example of positive media exposure (on- or off-campus) gained by the Chapter.
  9. Detail the invitation your Chapter extended to students/faculty from other disciplines to attend at least one (1) Chapter meeting. Provide the group or club name.
  10. Confirm application of PRSA Associate Membership for at least 10 percent of graduating Chapter members. Provide the number of graduates from your Chapter as well as the names of those transitioning to PRSA Associate Membership.
  11. Confirm PRSSA Student-run Firm name, Firm Director and a brief description of a client project.

All requirements must have been met between May 1, 2023, and April 30, 2024. Please submit your application via the PRSSA portal no later than April 30, 2024. Note: All fields are listed as required. If your Chapter does not meet the requirement, please write "N/A."